The Power of a Doll

(Reprinted from a November 2008 post, in honor of today’s Daily Deal)

Picture yourself at a busy airport security checkpoint occupied with removing your shoes, keeping track of your laptop, etc, when you hear the blood curdling shriek of a young child. You look around, and you see your two year old yelling and crying at the top of her lungs (and believe me, she has strong lungs). The fear and desperation is apparent to everyone as she frantically points to her doll, sticking out of a bin just as it enters the x-ray machine. We hurriedly go through the scanner, while trying to calm her down (unsuccessfully) and the TSA staff quickly grabbed the doll at the first chance they got and rapidly handed the doll to our tearful daughter.IMG_4329

I knew my daughter loved her doll, but this was another reminder of the bond that exists between a young child and their doll (and similarly, stuffed animal).

The above incident occurred last Wednesday as we were on our way to exhibit our products at the Green Festival in San Francisco. It wasn’t long before I could see for myself the universality (and rapidity) of this bond.

As the Green Festival was a consumer exhibition, full of families, we saw toddler after toddler walk into our booth, and walk directly to the Keptin-Jr baby dolls. They picked them up, hugged them, danced with them, “changed their diaper,” sang to them, etc. The power of a doll in the life of a young toddler was very clear.

We too love this doll, for its simplicity, phthalate free vinyl, organic cotton, the fact that it is filled with wool (rather than polyester). But if you ask the many “mothers” and “fathers” of these dolls, why they love their dolls, I am pretty sure they haven’t considered any of these “practical” features, rather it is a little more “magical” and not so easy to put into words.

Do any of your children have a Keptin-Jr doll? We would love to hear your experiences. Do you have any doll stories of your own (regardless of the brand of the doll)? We would love to hear that too.

Be sure not to miss out on your chance to grab one of these dolls in our Daily Deal today!

Bringing our Living Cards to Life!

We have carried the Living Cards from the German company, Baerenpresse for a few years, have long felt that our pictures do not do them justice.  So we have made this video which features most of the current styles that we carry, so you can see them in action.  We love these cards, and you will be able to tell from the beginning of this video that our kids do too!

Top Reasons to Love Furnis Puppets!

Furnis Monkey Puppets

Puppets are something that we all loved at one point in our life, but then we grow-up.  We forget their magic.  We think puppets are wonderful, and not only that, we thing our Furnis puppets are outstanding.  Here’s why!

  1. Soft & Cuddly -Sometimes we all feel like snuggling.  The thing we like best about the Furnis puppets is they are soft and snuggly.  Furnis animal puppets, bookmarks, and magnets are made from the softest chenille-like fabrics we can imagine.
  2. Adorable  Friendly Faces – Some  puppets are so life-like they can be a little scary for little ones.  Such puppets have their place, but for those that want to entertain  young children without the bad dreams, our Furnis puppets are ideal.  When our soft, friendly puppets tickle a child, the children squeal with delight.
  3. Easy Smiles! – Ever been in a waiting room with an anxious or crying child?  Ever been desperate to keep a fidgety child quietly distracted during a meeting or assembly of some kind? Small puppets can be just the thing to catch a child’s attention & imagination.
  4. Easy To Travel –  Our puppets are soft enough to slip into a purse or  bag taking up not much more room than a glove.  This makes it so much easier to have at a moments notice in situations listed in point # 3 (and so much more creative and interactive than your cell phone app!).
  5. Unlimited Stories to be Told – All sorts of stories that can be told with the range of our animal puppets.  Make up your own, or find free scripts from to create your own masterpiece performance!

Remember, sometimes fingerpuppets are just right.  Here is a video we made a while back featuring our fairytale fingerpuppets.  Enjoy!

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